Unemployment Insurance Benefits Frequently Asked Questions

How much assistance does unemployment insurance provide?

In South Carolina, a UI claim can provide up to $326 a week for 20 weeks of benefits over a 1-year period.


Am I eligible?

  • You must be able and available for work
  • To receive benefits you must be unemployed OR working less than full time.
  • If you are working, you must be earning less than your weekly benefit amount.
  • To receive benefits each week you have to go into the system and confirm that you are still eligible for benefits and you must complete two job searches each week while logged into the SC Works Online portal.


Can I go ahead and quit my job if I know I will be laid off soon?

If you quit your job while your employer still has work available, you could be disqualified from receiving UI benefits.


How will I receive money from a claim?

While filing your claim, you can choose to receive your benefits by direct deposit to your bank or have them loaded onto a Bank of America debit card.


How do I file for UI benefits?

You must register for an account and then file your initial claim online through the benefits portal, located here.  If you do not have internet or computer access, you can stop by your local SC Works center or connection point.


For every other claim, you can file online or by phone.


What information will I need to file a claim?

Personal Information:


Mailing Address

Telephone Number

Valid email address

Social Security Number

Driver’s license or ID card number

If a non-citizen: alien registration number and expiration date

If you have served in the military in the last 18 months: DD Form 214

If you were a federal civilian employee: form SF-50 or SF-8


Employment History:

Name of ALL employers as they appear on your pay check stub or W-2 form (This could be a payroll agency or staffing agency)

Company’s mailing address, including zip code

Company’s phone number and supervisor’s name

Period of employment (start date and end date)

Wages earned and how you were paid (hourly, weekly, monthly)

The reason for working reduced hours or no longer working with the employer


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